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Artist: Ke$ha
Track: "Die Young"


poke-fairyfreak sent: hiya sorry if this is strange but your snakebites, how did you do with the cleaning and stuff for them? I'm wondering cause i want snakebites but I'm afraid right now about all i have to do when i get them, any help?

Not strange at all! When I got my piercings they have me a special cleaning salt after they pierced my lip. You take the salt and desolve a little in some warm water in a small cup. You pressed the side of the cup under the piercings and tilt it up so the water hits your bottom lip and piercings to wash it out. You do this for about a week. I also used some hydrogen peroxide one a q-tip to clean around the piercing. Also for a few weeks you want to take the piercing and twist it a bit so the bar is twisting inside the piercing hole. Just so it doesn’t heal and tighten up around the piercing. Expect your lip to swell ALOT. That can be fixed with some ice though :) hope this helps!!

manyseedsofanxiety sent: SAILOR MOON FUCKING RULES!!



me after the anaconda video

i don’t do animation or anything though

Im getting sadder…I feel it creeping and Im getting scared..


(via 500px / Dark Tiger by Stefan Klausmeyer)