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vero-chan sent: What is your favorite thing to bake? I like baking anything as long as it's with friends, but there's nothing quite as delicious fresh blueberry muffins or lemon squares!

Oh gosh I love baking everything. I like to bake cheesecake and cupcakes but especially cookies!

How’s it going c:

kingatticus sent: You're on an island by yourself and there's a box next to you. What's in the box?

My laptop with limit less battery my tablet and pen some of my favorite books annnddddd uhhh…my friends c:

Anonymous sent: How is your day going?

Pretty boring heheh.. / u \;; yours?

poke-fairyfreak sent: How do you color so smoothly??? It looks amazing

Wah! Thank you! I suppose I use quick strokes to try and make it even and use some airbrush for some gradient in color and to soften!

Send me questions please! I’m at work and super bored. I dunno if anyone is up around this time;;


space bending mermaid


*kicks open door to honeymoon suite* Well we’re married now! You know what that means honey! *opens suitcase to reveal matching pajamas* Cute huh? Anyway this is my bed and that’s yours. Goodnight dear