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Outfit for today. Stole Cole’s hat though.
Terri was my second Pokemon Ginjinka I made. I really enjoyed him. When I first created him people really caught a interest in him. He was the stoic, monotone character that showed little to no emotion. I suppose people found that interesting and mysterious. Terri is the only one of my OC’s that I really developed a back story with. As I developed him and his story moved along, the more people were interested. Once it was revealed that Terri was born a female, people seemed outraged. I got a lot of comments such as “Nooo! Why!” or “No way Terri can’t be a girl!” I started to receive a lot of anonymous message with peoples displeasure and out rage over this. I was amazed how many people were upset over something that shouldn’t matter or be that big of a deal.  In role pays afterwards, people I rped with started to godmod. They started to reveal that Terri was female, or that they ‘already knew/could tell’ Terri was female with out any basis of their character really knowing, or having them know before hand. It was so bothersome and frustrating that it made me want to put off playing Terri for a while. But still…I continued to develop him and grow his story. It may sound silly, but I have a deep connection with this character. I reflected my own life events into this character, and the emotion and sadness I felt. Terri became therapeutic for me. Terri is a very very special character to me.
Min was the first Pokemon Ginjinka I ever made. I created her when I saw a friends Pulsie, so I drew a made up Minun in the comments. She suggested they be sisters and it went from there. I applied to my first Roleplay group on tegakie and have developed her a lot. Min has been through a lot and I experimented a lot with her. She’s one of my favorite OC’s and will always be dear to my heart.